Boeing and Ryanair Executives Discuss Future of Airline Industry

Michael O’Leary, CEO, Ryanair

September 7, 2016: At this Creative Minds event on “Airline Innovation – Flying into the Future” held September 7, 2016, Michael O’Leary, CEO, Ryanair and Sheila Remes, Vice President of Strategy, Boeing Commercial Airplanes, discussed the future of the aviation industry, U.S.-Irish aviation ties, and how both Boeing and Ryanair have successfully innovated in the face of major changes to the airline industry. For 100 years, Boeing has been at the leading edge of aviation, pushing the limits of aircraft design and creating opportunities for companies such as Ryanair to revolutionize air travel and make it accessible to so many. The guests included business, academic, aviation and Irish government contacts as well as graduate business students from UCD and young entrepreneurs.