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Driving in Ireland
February 3, 2022

If you are visiting Ireland as a tourist and plan on hiring a car, please review road safety tips on the Road Safety Authority of Ireland’s website here: http://www.rsa.ie/en/RSA/Licensed-Drivers/Driving-in-Ireland/

U.S. citizens are permitted to drive in Ireland for the duration of a visit up to 12 months as a tourist. If you wish to apply for an International Permit for use during your visit you can apply through the AAA in the U.S. – you can find more information here.

If you are planning to move to Ireland for more than a year, and would like to learn more about converting your U.S. driver’s license to an Irish driver’s license, please read the following webpage: http://www.citizensinformation.ie/en/travel_and_recreation/motoring_1/driver_licensing/exchanging_foreign_driving_permit.html

The U.S. Embassy in Dublin cannot issue a letter of entitlement  for the purpose of obtaining an Irish driver’s license, as we are unable to confirm the validity of state issued documentation – including driver’s licenses.  We can, however, notarize an affidavit in which you can swear to the validity of your driver’s license.  You will need to make a notary appointment and attend the U.S. Embassy in person, and pay the relevant fee.  You can find out more on our notary webpage. We are unable to confirm whether this document is accepted by the Road Safety Authority, so you may wish to ask them to clarify this before booking your appointment.  Their contact details are:

Customer Service Manager
Driver Testing Section,
Road Safety Authority,
Moy Valley Business Park,
Co. Mayo
1890 40 60 40

Car Insurance in Ireland:  For information about car insurance in Ireland, please visit http://www.citizensinformation.ie/en/travel_and_recreation/motoring_1/motor_tax_and_insurance/motor_insurance.html