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July 25, 2022

Important Information for Australian E-3 Visa Applicants


Citizens of Australia may apply for their E-3 visas at Embassy Dublin. Please note that while E-3 visa wait times in Dublin may be shorter than those in other consular districts, you may still experience long delays in processing, perhaps longer than 8 weeks.

If you wish to apply through Embassy Dublin, you must be physically present in the Republic of Ireland.  Applicants must electronically submit application documents to our office for review in advance of a visa interview appointment being granted.  Our office requires all E-3 applicants to interview in-person, as per the below.

We highly recommend that no non-refundable plans be made unless/until a visa is issued and in hand.

If You Wish to Make an E-3 visa application in Dublin

We strongly recommend E-3 applicants apply in Australia, where wait times may be longer, but where processing times may be significantly faster.

If you wish to apply through Embassy Dublin, you must be physically present in the Republic of Ireland.  Please carefully review the following instructions:

  1. Create a profile at https://ais.usvisa-info.com/ and pay the E-3 visa fee for Dublin.


  1. Email us your documents: Once you have paid the visa fee, please do not submit anything in hard copy to our office; rather please submit the following in PDF format in a direct email attachment to a single email, ensuring the total email size is 3MB or less, to E1-E2visasdublin@state.gov. The subject of the email must be E-3 Visa Application Review Request: Surname, First Name.

                  A. Your DS-160 Application Confirmation Sheet

                  B. Your E-3 application payment receipt for Embassy Dublin

                  C. A scan of the information page of your valid Australian Passport

                  D. ETA-9035-E

                  E. Job offer letter, signed, dated, and on headed paper

                  F. Proof of academic credentials and/or relevant experience for position

                  G. Professional license/certification, if required for intended employment

  1. Allow our office to review your submission: Once you submit your documentation, please provide our office with a minimum of four weeks to review the submission. If all is in order, we will release you in the appointment system to make an in-person interview appointment. If we require additional information, we will contact you directly.  Please note this process cannot be expedited nor can we provide processing updates unless more than four weeks have passed from receipt of your documentation.


  1. Attend interview: Once you are released in the appointment system, you will receive instructions on how to schedule your appointment, which may be several weeks or further in the future, depending on appointment demand.


  1. Await Passport Delivery: If your application is approved at interview, please allow 10 working days for processing and return of your passport via courier. Please note this timeline is a guide and not a guarantee as in some cases, processing may take considerably longer.  It is not possible to expedite processing.