Information on Joining the U.S. Military Service

While the DAO and the American Services appreciate the interest in joining, first you must be either a U.S. naturalized citizen or posess a permanent resident visa (aka green card). Once a green card has been obtained and you feel you meet the requirements below, you may contact the DAO and the phone number and address for the recruiter of your choosing will be furnished to you.


  • Must be a US citizen OR in the US on a Permanent Resident Visa.
  • Must be under the age of 34.
  • Must have proof of age.
  • Must have no more than 2 dependents (i.e. a spouse and one child). -Must be a graduate of High School (12 Grades).
  • Must be able to pass the mental and physical tests.

Attending United States Military Academies

In order to for Irish personnel to attend US Military academies, personnel must meet all pre-requisites and be nominated by the coinciding Irish service. (i.e. the Irish Navy can nominate personnel to attend the US Naval Academy.) Please contact the Irish service of your choice to request a nomination. For more information about pre-requisites or a particular Military Academy, click here to go to the USDAO Link page.