Make your Summer Great!


Forget the cold and rain here in Ireland – start planning your summer in the USA!  Why not spend an unforgettable summer working in an American summer camp? Or go for a J-1 Summer Work Travel visa to work while you explore the States!  Whichever J-1 visa option you go for, whether it’s the J-1 Camp Counselor or J-1 Summer Work Travel, you are bound to have the summer of a lifetime stateside!

To start, research the programs and see which program suits you best.  The Department of State’s dedicated J-1 website has plenty of information about the requirements and options available to you:

In order to apply for your visa you need a U.S. sponsor.  These U.S. sponsor organizations have partner agencies in Ireland who can assist you through the entire visa process and help you to secure a job before you travel.  You can find out more about these partner agencies here:

Once your position is confirmed and your paperwork is in order, you’ll come to the U.S. Embassy in Dublin for your visa interview.  Our J-1 season typically kicks off at the beginning of March – please schedule/ask your partner agency to schedule your visa appointment as soon as everything is in order – the sooner you get a visa in your passport, the sooner you can start planning your summer of a lifetime!

Don’t forget, every year we run a J-1 photo contest – you’ll see our past winners in our Consular waiting room at your visa interview.  Above is our 2018 overall winner J-1 Claire McNamee’s photo – a beautiful panoramic view of the lake at Camp Walden in Maine, where Claire worked as the camp photographer for the summer.  Maybe you could be our 2019 photo contest winner!