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Consular Outreach

The Consular Section is coming to Co. Cork on September 13th!  To find out how to schedule an appointment for a passport, consular report of birth abroad (CRBA) application or notary service please visit: Consular Outreach – U.S. Mission Ireland (usembassy.gov)

Important Information

  • If you reside in Northern Ireland, please refer to the U.S. Consulate General in Belfast for further information.
  • According to Section 215 of the U.S Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1185) U.S. citizens must enter and depart the United States on a U.S. passport.  This applies to dual citizens as well, meaning that persons holding both Irish and U.S. citizenship MUST enter and leave the United States on a valid U.S. passport; they may NOT enter/leave the United States on an Irish/foreign passport. This applies to children as well as adults.
  • We continue to process mail-in renewal passport applications and strongly encourage eligible U.S. citizens to renew their U.S. passports by mail.  Please note you can renew your U.S. passport any time before or after it expires, and a U.S. passport is valid for travel to the United States until the day it expires.  You can find further details on applying for a U.S. passport at the Passport & Citizenship links below.


Visit Forms to find the form you need and begin the process of completing and submitting your passport application. If you are unsure which form you need, the Passport Wizard can guide you to the correct form.

Processing times vary depending on demand. If you are traveling within the next two weeks, please see the Emergency Passports  section. 

Passport services are not available on weekends, or on Irish or U.S. Holidays.