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Replace a Passport with no immediate travel plans
March 3, 2022

Replace a Lost, Stolen or Damaged Passport with no immediate travel plans

Each applicant applying to replace a lost/stolen/damaged U.S. passport (adults and minors) must apply in person. Each applicant must have their own appointment scheduled via our online appointment system.

Please bring the following to your appointment:

  1. DS-11 Passport application form : Complete, print and bring it to your appointment. Do not sign form until the Consular Officer instructs you to do so at your appointment.  This form cannot be submitted online.  Alternatively, a printable PDF version is availablehere  (101KB), which you can print and fill out by hand.  Forms must be printed one sideddo not use correction fluid as this invalidates the application.  Please disregard the instructions on the form as they are for U.S. citizens applying to renew a passport within the United States.  Please only follow the instructions on this website.
      • If you have previously been issued a Social Security Number (SSN) but do not know your number, please visit the Federal Benefits Unit website here to apply for a replacement Social Security card. Please note that your application cannot be processed until you have provided your SSN to the Embassy. To contact the Federal Benefit Unit, please complete their contact form.
      • If you were never issued a U.S. social security number, you will be asked to sign an affidavit to this effect at the Embassy attesting to your lack of an SSN. You can apply for your social security number using SS-5 application form at your passport appointment.
  1. DS-64 Statement regarding a lost or stolen U.S. Passport book  Complete, print, and bring this form to your appointment – do not use correction fluidas this invalidates the form.  If your passport is damaged, this form is not required, however you will be required to write a statement at your Embassy appointment which details how your passport became damaged.
  2. Identification: Valid foreign passport, valid driver’s license, photocopy of the missing passport if lost/stolen, birth certificate or an expired U.S. passport
  3. One 2″x 2″ U.S. passport size photo (note this is different from the Irish passport photo size):  No glasses are permitted. Most large pharmacies in Ireland provide this service. Please check all passport photo requirements here.
  4. Click here for Passport FeesPayable by card at your appointment. Both the physical signed card and card holder must be present. Cash is not accepted.
  5. Pre-paid, self-addressed envelope for the return of your passport:  Please affix a €10.00 stamp to an A5 envelope for the trackable return of your passport. If you are renewing more than one family member’s passport at the same time, we can return up to two passports in one envelope (restricted to two passports due to weight).

For minors (under 16 years of age), both parents’ consent is required, either by appearing in person at the appointment or by providing the DS-3053 (see below). You must bring to the appointment:

  • Original Birth Certificate
  • Parents’ valid photo IDs
  • Form DS-3053 : If one parent cannot attend the appointment, they must complete the DS-3053, attach a photocopy of the parent’s ID, and have it notarized by a notary public. At least one parent must appear in person with the minor at the appointment.

Security at the Embassy 

DO NOT BRING ELECTRONICS TO YOUR APPOINTMENT.  Please note that you cannot enter Embassy property with any electronics.  This includes laptops, tablets, memory cards, flash drives, or other peripherals.  If you have any of these items in your possession, you will be asked to find a place to store them away from the Embassy or to return on another day.  The Embassy has small lockers which can accommodate a cell phone.  No other electronics may be placed in these lockers.