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February 3, 2022

U.S. Citizen Services

The American Citizen Services Unit (ACS) of the Consular Section provides a full-range of passport and citizenship services, birth registrations for U.S. citizen children born abroad as well as notary services. ACS also provides information and assistance to American citizens in Ireland. For more details on the services provided, please go to the U.S. Citizen Services section of this web site.

To hear recorded information on the telephone, please call 1-668-8777 during business hours.  To reach someone in an after-hours emergency, please review our emergency contact involving U.S. citizens webpage on this site.

Consular Section (Visa)

The Embassy’s Visa Unit processes applications for both non-immigrant and immigrant visas to the United States. For more details on the services provided, please go to the Visas section of this web site.

Commercial Service

Welcome to the U.S. Commercial Service in Ireland. If you are a U.S. company that is interested in doing business in Ireland you have come to the right place. We are here to help you! For more details visit our web site.

Press/Public Affairs Section

The Public Affairs Office of the United States Embassy in Ireland seeks to explain and advocate American foreign and domestic policies to Irish audiences. It serves as a focal point for media, cultural and educational relations between Ireland and the United States. It advises the U.S. Mission to Ireland on the issues of public diplomacy. Often referred to as the Press and Cultural Office, the Public Affairs Office supports American foreign policy objectives, and promotes national interests through a wide range of overseas programs, including the Fulbright Program and an electronic information outreach program. With its counterparts in 200 posts in some 140 countries worldwide, the US Embassy Public Affairs Office mandate is to promote mutual understanding and international cooperation between the people of the United States and its host country.

Press Office

The press office works closely with Irish print and electronic media to provide authoritative information on US government policies. Journalists may contact the press office as follows:

email: murphyjb@state.gov

phone:    +353 (0)1 630 6200

Agriculture Section

For further information on US Government Agricultural Policy contact:

Political and Economic Section

The Political Section, headed by the First Secretary for Political Affairs, observes and analyses political developments of relevance to U.S. interests occurring both within Ireland and between Ireland and other countries. The Political Section staff maintains official contact with Irish government departments, political parties, and interested non-governmental organizations. These contacts are used to advocate policy consistent with U.S. interests, assess the degree of support for U.S. policies, and maximize cooperation with the Irish government in areas of mutual concern. The Political Section’s analytical reporting of Irish issues to the Department of State, along with its process of advocating U.S. positions to the Irish government are integral elements in the formation and implementation of American foreign policy.

Areas of specific U.S. interest include the Northern Ireland Peace Process, Ireland’s Role in the United Nations, and the European Union. For more information on Political Relations between the United States and Ireland, click here

Economic Section

The Economic Section, headed by the First Secretary for Economic Affairs, monitors economic developments within Ireland and manages economic relations between the U.S and Ireland. The staff of the Economic Section maintains official contact with Irish government ministries in order to work on bilateral and international economic policy issues. The Section also reports on developments within the Irish economy, facilitates U.S. exports to, and investment in Ireland, and provides advocacy on behalf of U.S. businesses operating in Ireland.

Management Section

Under the supervision of the Management Officer, the various components of the Management Section provide logistical and operational support to the Embassy.

  • The Human Resources office manages local and American personnel issues, including hiring of local staff.
  • The Budget and Fiscal office manages the Embassy’s budget and processes all bills.
  • The General Services office manages residential leases, procurement, shipping and transportation, and maintenance.
  • The Information Management office handles all of the Embassy’s communications requirements, including phones and computer systems.
  • Additionally, the Management Officer supervises a part time Embassy nurse and an American Community Liaison Officer.

Defense Attache Office

The Defense Attache’s Office (DAO) is primarily responsible for representational duties designed to foster positive relations between the U.S. military and the five host nation defense/security establishments; coordinating with the Irish Department of Foreign affairs for aircraft and ships clearances, providing country clearances for U.S. military personnel, and providing the Ambassador with military and political-military advice, assistance, and support.

Telephone: (353)- 1-668-8777, EXT 2200
FAX: (353)-1-668-8698