The Yale Spizzwinks(?) perform at Embassy Dublin

jizzwinks_3The Yale University Spizzwinks, America’s first underclassman a cappella group, delighted invited guests at Embassy Dublin with a performance of new and classic songs. The name Spizzwink comes from a Yale University freshman, who in the winter of 1913, decided to name the group after a fictitious insect that was blamed for the Great Iowa Corn Blight. This performance was part of a summer European tour, where the Spizzwinks entertained audiences in rural towns and large cities.

The Spizzwinks(?) are America’s first underclassman a cappella  group. In an age before iPods or reality TV, when the only way to hear  singing without instruments was in the shower, we showed the world that a bunch of college guys sporting sweet harmonies and a perplexing name was a winning combination. That’s right – we liked a cappella before it was cool.

Men singingLike all great stories, the  Spizzwink(?) saga begins in 1906 in Iowa, when the state was in the  oppressive grip of a massive, inexplicable Corn Blight. Inexplicable, that is, except to one man: a small-town postmaster by the name of Frank Johnson. Mr. Johnson proclaimed to anyone who would listen that the Great Iowa Corn Blight was the handiwork of an insect known as  the Spizzwink, which, coincidentally, only he could see. Few took heed of his warning,  and the legend of the mythical Spizzwink would have been lost, but for a  young boy with a sweet voice from that small town in Iowa, whose  greatest ambition was to someday attend Yale University…

Flash forward to the winter of 1913, where four Yale freshmen – including a certain young man from Iowa – met at Mory’s Temple Bar,  Yale’s historic tavern, to decide upon a name for their new singing  group. This new group had been created to provide audiences with a  light-hearted alternative to the Whiffenpoofs, Yale’s older, all-senior a cappella  group, who were known as much for their stodginess as for their musical excellence. After an evening of drinking and thinking (and perhaps more of the former than the latter), our hero glimpsed a strange sight across the table: the ghost of his old postmaster, Frank Johnson. Inspiration struck, and the young singer exclaimed, “That’s it, boys! We’ll call the group the Spizzwinks!”

Later that year, the editor of Yale’s yearbook was unsure of the  spelling of the fledgling group and added a question mark in parentheses  as an editorial mark. The group liked the look of “The Spizzwinks(?)” and the parenthetical question mark is still with us today.

Since  our historic beginning at Mory’s, the Spizzwinks(?) have proudly carried on a tradition of musical excellence and camaraderie as one of America’s oldest male choirs. With one eye towards our ninety-nine year history and the other towards the future, we seamlessly fuse tradition and innovation to bring audiences a unique and unforgettable concert experience.