Before leaving the United States:

Persons who need to bring medication into Ireland should ensure that they bring sufficient quantities of the medication, together with a letter from their U.S. physician stating that the medication is necessary and is for the patient’s own use, together with a copy of the prescription, to avoid being questioned by either U.S. or Irish customs.

Persons already in Ireland who require U.S. medication:

Such persons should first check with their local pharmacy and learn whether their medication is already available in Ireland under a European brand name. If the medication is available, the person should then attend a local general practitioner, who can prescribe on their behalf.

If the medication is not available in Ireland:

The patient’s U.S. physician should forward to the patient a prescription for the drug, together with a letter from the doctor stating that the patient requires this drug to treat an illness (please specify the illness), and stating that the drug is for the patient’s use only. The physician or pharmacist in the U.S. can then mail the drugs to the recipient. The letter from the doctor and the prescription should be retained to be presented to local customs.