Notarial Services


Update: 31 August 2020

Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions, we have canceled all notarial appointments until further notice. We may only provide notarial services for critical needs (*). Please continue to monitor our website for updates.

During our closure, you may find the following information on potential alternatives to U.S. notarization helpful.

In case of:

·         A marriage affidavit:  Please contact the local authorities regarding the possibility of accepting an Irish notarial signature or a waiver;

·         A certified copy of a passport for IRS purpose: Please contact your tax advisor or IRS to check whether  there is an alternative;

·         Any other documents (mortgage, claim, power of attorney, etc.): Based on the Hague Treaty entered into force for the United States on October 15,  1981, an option might be to have your signature notarized by an Irish notary public with an apostille affixed by the appropriate Irish authorities for recognition in the United States.  However, we advise you to check with the receiving party in the United States first to ascertain the apostille will be accepted.

Please note, the authority requiring the notarized document determines what is acceptable for its use. The list above are only suggestions, and may not be feasible in a given case.

(*) Critical needs refers to emergency situations and exceptions are extremely rare; generally, notary service needed to finalize a real-estate transaction are not considered critical need. If you believe you qualify for an emergency notary appointment, please send a message to and we will review your request.

Apostilles required by Irish authorities in order to get married in Ireland

The U.S. Embassy Dublin cannot complete Apostilles on U.S. issued birth certificates for the purpose of getting married in Ireland.  The Secretary of State offices in each state have control of vital record documents, please contact your State’s Secretary of State office for instructions on how to get an Apostille.

Notary services at U.S. Embassy Dublin

The U.S. Embassy Dublin can only notarize documents intended for use in the United States.  The U.S. Embassy Dublin can notarize a copy of your foreign passport for U.S. tax filing purposes, or documents in connection with U.S. visas, property, power of attorneys or other legal purposes. Please send an email to for any items not listed or specific questions regarding the process.

Notarial services can be performed at the U.S. Embassy Dublin by appointment only.  Please only make an appointment for a notarial service if you are confident you will have your documents ready in time for your appointment date.  If you receive an e-mail confirmation of your appointment, there is no need to call or otherwise confirm your appointment.  If you require an urgent notarial service and no appointments are available, please email our office at with the reason you need an urgent notarial service and we will try to accommodate you to the best of our ability.  Do you live far from Dublin and need to have a U.S. document notarized? You may wish to book an appointment for a location closer to you – please visit our Consular Outreach Nationwide web page for further information.

You must attend an appointment at the U.S. Embassy Dublin in person and:

  1. Bring valid government-issued photo ID.  See below “Identification required”.
  2. Bring the documents which need to be notarized.  You must have read and understood your documents as we are not permitted to explain the contents to you.
  3. You must have filled in the document with the appropriate names, places and dates.  However, DO NOT sign your document – the notary at the U.S. Embassy Dublin is required to witness your signature in person.
  4. If your document requires witnesses in addition to the notary, you must bring these witnesses with you to your appointment, and include them in your appointment booking.  Our staff cannot serve as witnesses.
  5. You must bring all pages of the document to your appointment. Ensure that documents are organized, in order and clearly marked as to which parts require notarization, and which documents should be attached to each other.
  6. You must pay the appropriate fees:  The fee is $50.00 for each notarized page.  We accept cash, dollars or euro. We also accept Mastercard, Visa (debit/credit), American Express, Diner’s Club and Discover credit cards.  The U.S. Embassy Dublin cannot accept personal checks.

Opening Hours
Notarial Services are offered by online appointment, please see appointment systems for available times.

Identification required
Government-issued photo identification such as a valid driver’s license or passport is required.  If your name has changed due to marriage or divorce, and you do not have identification in either your married or divorced name, we request an original of the civil marriage certificate or divorce certificate as proof of your name change.

Types of Notaries

Acknowledgement: An acknowledgement of execution is used for legal agreements, deeds, powers of attorney, bills of sale, business documents, corporate acknowledgements, etc. for use in the United States.

A notarized acknowledgement signed by a consular officer for a current U.S. driver’s license can be provided for the purpose of applying for an Irish driver’s license.

Affidavit: An affidavit is a sworn statement made by you.  Compose the statement you wish to make, but do not sign the document until the Consular Officer can witness your signature at your notary appointment.

What Documents We Cannot Notarize at the Embassy

Please note that we cannot authenticate U.S. official documents such as birth certificates, marriages certificate, divorce decrees, death certificates etc.  For more information please review the Authentication of U.S. State-issued Documents webpage.

Medallion Signature Guarantees:  A consular officer cannot perform a Medallion Signature Guarantee (which is a special type of signature acknowledgement sometimes required for the exchange of securities).  While some financial institutions may accept a document notarized by a consular officer at the U.S. Embassy, in lieu of a medallion signature, we would advise you obtain confirmation from the financial institution prior to arranging a notary service appointment.

For more information on Medallion Signature Guarantee, see the Securities and Exchange Commission’s website.  General questions about Medallion Signature Guarantees should be directed to the SEC’s Office of Investor Education and Advocacy online at, by phone at 1-800-SEC-0330, by fax at 202-772-9295, or by mail to 100 F Street, NE, Washington, D.C., 20549-0213.

Notaries Public in Ireland

To find a Notary Public in Ireland, please visit the Faculty of Notaries Public in Ireland website here.

DO NOT BRING ELECTRONICS TO YOUR U.S. EMBASSY APPOINTMENT.  Please note that you cannot enter Embassy property with any electronics.  This includes laptops, tablets, memory cards, flash drives, or other peripherals.  If you have any of these items in your possession, you will be asked find a place to store them away from the Embassy or to return on another day.  The Embassy has small lockers which can accommodate a cell phone.  No other electronics may be placed in these lockers.  Additionally, you are not permitted to bring large bags or luggage items into the Embassy.