Passport Fees

Unlike at U.S. domestic passport agencies, there is no expedited processing of U.S. passports overseas at U.S. Embassies.  Therefore, it is essential that you apply for a U.S. passport well in advance of your scheduled travel.  At the U.S. Embassy Dublin, it takes approximately 3-4 weeks to process a U.S. passport.

Please note the fees below are current as of September 13, 2019.

**If you are paying by Euro bank draft/postal order, only write in the indicated area.  If you write on any other part of the Euro bank draft/postal order (your name/date of birth/cross the check) this will render the payment null and void.**

Adult DS-82 passport fee: $110 U.S. Dollars = 105 Euros 

Minor DS-11 under-16 passport fee: $115 U.S. Dollars = 110 Euros 

Lost/Stolen/Adult/Minor over-16 Passport fee: $145 U.S. Dollars = 139 Euros 

Report of Birth certificate fee, not including passport fee: $100 U.S. Dollars = 95 Euros 

Adult Passport Card fee: $30 U.S. Dollars =  29 Euros 

Minor Passport Card fee: $15 U.S. Dollars = 15 Euros 

Notarial fee, per required notarization: $50 U.S. Dollars = 48 Euros


  • Renewal Mail-in Passport Fee is 105 Euro payable by a Euro postal order or Euro bank draft; made payable to “U.S. Embassy”.  The Euro bank draft/postal order must be the exact amount as listed.  If the amount is greater or less than the correct amount, we will return the bank draft to you by mail and request that you send us a draft in the exact amount.  Do not write on any part of your Euro bank draft/postal order other than the indicated area.  This will render the payment null and void.
  • In-Person Passport Application Fee is $145 or 139 Euros (First-time applicants, replacements for lost and stolen passports, etc.)


  • Minors (Under 16):

— Passport Application Fee is $115 (110 Euros)

  • Minors (Over 16 – Under 18):

— Passport Application Fee is $145 (139 Euros) 

The fee may be paid by credit card, in cash (U.S. dollars or Euro) or by Euro bank draft/Euro postal order made payable to “U.S. Embassy”.  Again, the Euro bank draft or postal order must be in the exact amount listed, and do not write on any part of your Euro bank draft/postal order other than the indicated area.  This will render the payment null and void.  We cannot give change if the amount of the draft/postal order you present is greater than the correct amount of the fee, therefore we cannot accept drafts that are not for the exact amount required.

When attending an appointment in person at the Embassy, fees can be paid by cash in dollars or Euros, by Euro bank draft or Euro postal order (exact amount), or by most major credit or debit cards.

The Embassy is not authorized to accept personal checks.