Foreign Enforcement Questionnaire

Each year some beneficiaries are required to complete the Form SSA-7161 or SSA-7162. The form is sent with a return envelope to the SSA facility in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. The purpose of the form is to ensure SSA has the correct address and phone number on file and that circumstances that may affect payment have been reported.

The forms are mailed in May each year. A follow up notice is sent in October and December if the completed questionnaire has not been received. Failure to provide the required completed questionnaire will result in suspension of benefits effective with the payment due on February 3.

As an alternative to mailing the completed forms to the Wilkes-Barre facility beneficiaries may mail the forms to the Dublin Federal Benefits Unit. To ensure timely delivery you may want to send the forms via Special Delivery or Registered Mail.

Federal Benefits Unit
U.S. Embassy
42 Elgin Road
Dublin 4