Denied Entry, Deported, Removed from U.S.

Denied entry

If you are applying for a nonimmigrant visa and have ever been denied entry into the United States by a US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officer, you should bring a copy of the report of the incident, Form I-877 or I-867, to the visa interview.

Deportation or Removed

If you are applying for a nonimmigrant visa and have ever been deported or removed from the United States you may be prohibited from reapplying for a visa depending on the circumstances for up to ten years. If you wish to travel during the period of exclusion you will require a visa and waiver of ineligibility.  At the time you apply for the visa you are required to furnish a copy of the the removal proceedings or any documentation relating to your deportation/removal..


If you have previously overstayed the period of time granted by U.S. immigration under the Visa Waiver program (VWP) or violated the terms of a previously issued U.S. visa, you are required to apply for a visa at which time you are required to present full details of your overstay.

Violating the terms of the Visa Waiver Program or previously issued U.S. visa can render an individual ineligible for a visa and a waiver of this ineligibility may be required.  You will be advised further at the time of your interview with a consular officer.