J-1 Summer Work Travel

The J-1 Summer Work Travel (SWT) program provides foreign students with an opportunity to live and work in the United States during their summer vacation from college or university and also to share their culture and ideas with people in the United States through temporary work and travel experiences.

J-1 SWT Pre-Placement 

Many U.S. program sponsors have implemented a pre-placement policy for all J-1 Summer Work Travel participants, including participants from Visa Waiver Program countries.  Agencies screen and select prospective Summer Work Travel participants and issue Certificates of Eligibility (DS-2019) – the basic document that supports an application for a J-1 visa.  Program sponsors are also responsible for monitoring the welfare of participants once they arrive in the United States and ensure that participants’ activities are consistent with the Summer Work Travel program.

U.S.pProgram sponsors have communicated to us that their goal is to create the most rewarding J-1 experience possible.  Pre-placement requires that all participants receive an offer of qualifying employment prior to the issuance of the DS-2019 Certificate of Eligibility, and prior to traveling to the United States.  Non-Visa Waiver Program countries successfully implemented pre-placement procedures for J-1 participants several years ago. U.S. sponsors know from their extensive experience managing thousands of J-1 Summer Work Travel participants worldwide, including Irish participants, that pre-placement increases the safety and well-being of participants and improves the participants’ overall experience.

We encourage students to begin the application process early, and to be proactive.  For more information on the pre-placement process, including how to arrange your own employment through self-placement, please contact one of the U.S. program sponsors or their Irish partner agencies.

The State Department, including the U.S. Embassy in Ireland, is fully committed to the success of the J-1 SWT program in Ireland.  We are working with Irish government representatives and U.S. and Irish program implementers to ensure that Irish students continue to have the full opportunity to benefit from the J-1 SWT program.