Administrative Processing

If your application has been refused under Section 221(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act, pending additional administrative processing, you should allow approximately 60 days from the date of the visa interview for your application to be processed.  In some cases, however, processing can take six months or longer.

The Non-immigrant Visa Unit will contact you by email once they can proceed with your application.

We will not respond to status of case inquiries by email. 

You will be contacted by email via the email address you provided when scheduling your visa appointment at As this is the only way in which you will be contacted, please make sure that the email address is up to date.

If the Non-immigrant Visa Unit has asked you for additional documents, you are required to scan and email the documents to the following email address:  Please do not send the documents by postage or courier as this will considerably delay your application.

Please note that this email address is for the submission of scanned documents only.  Inquires received will be deleted.

Once you receive an email requesting your passport, you are required to arrange for the delivery by going to and sign into your account.  Click on the link “Print Instructions” and then “View Courier-in Receipt” at the bottom of the page and print the Courier-In Authorization Certificate.  Take the certificate and your passport to to your chosen courier location.  You will not be charged for the courier service.

Please Note:  If you submit your passport to the Embassy before being advised to do so, your passport will be returned to you to await completion of the administrative processing.

Once we receive your passport, your visa will take between 7 – 10 working days to process.  Once processing is complete, your passport with visa will be handed to the courier service for delivery.  On receipt of your passport and visa, the courier will send you an email with a tracking number.  You can track the delivery of your passport by signing into your account  Your passport will be delivered to your chosen delivery location.

We strongly advise you not to purchase any tickets for travel to the United States or make irrevocable travel plans until after you have been issued a visa and your passport has been returned to you.