Visa Interview: Visiting Embassy


The Embassy is located at 42 Elgin Road in Ballsbridge, Dublin 4.  Entrance to the Consular Section is through the main building entrance at the intersection to Elgin and Pembroke Roads.

If you are traveling from the city center by Dublin bus you may take the number 4, 7, 8, 18, or 120 and exit at the first stop after the Ballsbridge Hotel in Ballsbridge.  The Embassy is across the road.

If you are traveling from the city center by the DART (Dublin Area Rapid Transit) you should exit at Landsdowne Road train station.  When you leave the station, turn left and walk through Landsdowne Road to the traffic lights at the corner of the Ballsbridge Hotel.  Turn left at the hotel – you are now on Pembroke Road.  The Embassy is across the road about 250 meters from the hotel.

The Embassy does not have car parking space available for visitors.  If you travel to the Embassy by car, on-street parking is available close to the Embassy on Elgin Road, Clyde Road, Raglan Road or Herbert Park.

Arriving at the Embassy

When you first arrive at the Embassy, you will be required to go through security before you can enter the consular waiting room.  Only the visa applicant will be admitted to the Embassy.  If an interpreter is required, please email, including the name of the visa applicant, name of the interpreter, and appointment date/time.  Children under 14 applying for a visa are not required to make a personal appearance.


Applicants are requested to bring as few personal items as possible with them to the interview, including large bags or backpacks.  This ensures that the security screening process is an efficient one, and assists in preventing delays.

Do not bring electronic equipment to your U.S. Embassy appointment.  This includes laptops, tablets, memory cards, flash drives, or other peripherals.  If you have any of these items in your possession, you will be asked to find a place to store them or to return on another day.  The Embassy does not have storage facilities for these items.

Cell phones may be left with security when entering the Embassy.  Please ensure these phones are turned off before screening.

Once screened through security, the following items may be brought into the Embassy:
  • Document pouch to carry necessary papers, passport and relevant documents
  • Wallet/small purse (you may be required to pay an issuance fee to our cashier)
  • Newspaper/books in printed form only (e.g. no electronic books)
  • Writing materials
  • Car/house keys

Consular Processes

When entering the Consular waiting room, you will be directed to the appropriate area to present your application, and have your fingerprints taken electronically.  According to U.S. law, all visa applicants from ages 14 to 79 need to provide digital scans of 10 fingerprints.  The Embassy staff will direct you to an area where you will await your visa interview.  In most circumstances, you should anticipate being at the Embassy for approximately 1 hour.

The Interview

The next stage of the process is the interview with a U.S. consular officer; which typically lasts a few minutes. The consular officer will ask you questions to determine your reason for traveling to the United States.  You should answer these questions truthfully and thoroughly.  In most cases, the consular officer will tell you at this time if your visa application is approved.  If your visa application is approved, the consular officer will keep your application and passport so we can issue the visa.